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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines. Assuming your home or business is close enough to a telephone company's central office, you may be able to receive data at rates up to 6.1 megabits per second. This enables continuous transmission of motion video, audio and even 3-D effects.

DSL Agreement
DSL Pricing

* 1 authentication account
* 4 Email accounts
* Webmail
* Free Virus and Spam Filtering Service * Video Mail
* 24 Hour Technical Support
* 10mb Personal Web Space

DSL Lite - Up to 256K $29.95
Weekends Only $34.95
Up to 1.5 MB $49.95
Up to 2 MB $59.95
Up to 3 MB $69.95
Up to 1.5 MB Small Busisness $59.95*
Up to 2 MB $89.95
Up to 3 MB $99.95
Up to 4 MB $129.95
*Small Business is defined as 2 or less phone lines
Modem Maintenance Plan - $4.99 per month
Protects your high-speed connection and your budget. (General coverage for the DSL modem) * limited to 2 modem replacements a year

To view or download our Agreement click here Note: To view the DSL contract you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the link to download for free.
** All DSL services are subject to a Federal Universal Service Charge.
DSL Availability

DSL is available only to customers living in the Buggs Island Telephone service area. Refer to the list of exchanges for availability.


Alexander Ferry Exchange
Palmer Springs, VA
Baskerville Exchange
Beechwood Exchange
5183 Highway One, Bracey, VA
Belfield Rd Exchange
LaCrosse, VA
Blackridge Exchange
100 Hall Rd, La Crosse, VA
Bracey Exchange
100 Nellie Jones Rd, Bracey, VA
Cedar Grove Rd Exchange
2594 Cedar Grove Rd, Baskerville, VA
Drybread Exchange
White Plains, VA
Ebony Exchange
497 Robinson Ferry Rd, Ebony, VA
Gasburg Exchange
25 Gasburg Rd, Gasburg, VA
Granite Hall Exchange
Boydton, VA
Iron Mill Exchange
7 Iron Mill Rd, Baskerville, VA
Joyceville Exchange
499 Morristown Rd, Bracey, VA
Keats Exchange
Palmer Springs, VA
Myer Read Exchange
32 Webb Rd, LaCrosse, VA
Palmer Springs Exchange
900 Mineral Springs Rd, Boydton, VA
River Ridge Exchange
199 Deer Dr, Bracey, VA
Siouan Shores Exchange
897 Occanecchi Trl, Bracey, VA
South Hill RLG Exchange
843 Boxwood Rd, South Hill, VA

Tillman Exchange

Wood Duck Exchange
7617 Highway 903, Bracey, VA


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